Monday, September 17, 2012

Black Lace and Fall Florals

Here's a quick outfit of the day! I'm using my dad's camera and I don't really know how to use it yet so there is a lack of pictures. I would have liked to get a close up of the details but the camera was just not working with me today. Hopefully I can get some more practice with the camera so that I can post more/better pictures.

Unfortunately you can't really see the lace on the shirt but I promise you that it is a lace shirt. It's actually a size XL and I'm usually an XS-S but I thought that the top was too cute to pass up so I wear it tucked in to pants or skirts. The skirt is the same skirt that was in my Wet Seal haul post from a few days ago.

If I owned statement jewelry then I would definitely have worn a necklace with this top to give it some color. I actually bought my tights at a thrift store and normally I wouldn't thrift a pair of hosiery but since it was still in the package I decided to pick it up.

Black Lace Top: Thrifted for $2
Grungy Floral Skirt: Wet Seal for $4
Tights: American Apparel (Thrifted for $0.50)

Friday, September 14, 2012


Just wanted to let you know that I have an instagram and if you'd like then you can take a look. My username on instagram is bluevintagestars. I'd love to receive comments and feedback from you! Feel free to  leave your instagram if you have one and I'll make sure to check it out!

Here's a few photos that I've instagrammed recently.


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wet Seal and H&M Haul

I just remembered that I ordered a few things from Wet Seal about a week ago and I wanted to share! They haven't arrived yet but I should have them by Friday. I would take a picture of each item but since I'm lacking a camera at the moment the pictures will be straight from their website.

These are from Wet Seal's 5 for $20 sale. About a week ago, Wet Seal had a sale on all of their clearance items, all clearance items were five for twenty dollars.

Here's a quick story:

I signed up for Wet Seal's e-mails so when they e-mailed me on the first day of the sale I was really excited and decided to take a look online. I didn't find five items so I decided not to buy anything and let things be. But a few days later Wet Seal sent me another e-mail, $0.99 shipping on all orders. Ok Wet Seal, I'll bite. So I went back to the website, determined to find five items this time. I found three things easily and then I saw some black jeggings and thought they'd be perfect. I added them to the cart. A few minutes later I went back to my cart and noticed that they were gone. Didn't I add them to my cart? What is this? So I click the item again and it says, SOLD OUT. WHAT?! SOLD OUT?! SPAZ@*%$!!!! I almost stopped shopping. I  was so mad at the time though I'm literally laughing about it now. Any ways, I managed to find five items and I'm glad I did.

Black White Print Skinny Jeans
These are actually still on Wet Seal's website though the 5 for $20 sale is over now. I was looking for more jeans and bottoms for the upcoming fall season.

Grungy Floral Belted Skirt
This is also still on the website in case you're interested. Grungy isn't really the word I'd use to describe this skirt but eh, whatever you say Wet Seal.

Snake Print Skinny Jean
This pair of pants were sold out before and then they became available again but I don't think they still have them in stock. I'm pretty excited about these pants, I think they're really cute! I'm happy that I managed to find two pairs of jeans.
Star Print Slip On
 If you read my little story above then you may remember me mentioning that I had some trouble finding five items that I liked. Well, I didn't actually find five items that I liked, I only found three. So I bought my mom and my sister something. These shoes are for my sister, they're nice and simple and they'll go with a lot! I did actually see some shoes that I liked but sadly, Wet Seal doesn't carry my shoe size. I'm a 5-5 1/2 in women's. *tear*

 Tiny Lace Cami
Here's what I got for my mom. A nice basic cami with a bit of lace to wear under dresses and lower cut tops.

No, no, I didn't make a typo in the title, there really is some H&M in this post. Just one item but it's something. I went shopping yesterday and found some pants. They aren't jeans, they're more like... skinny cotton pants.

Price: $12.95
Ok, these aren't the actual pattern that I bought but for some reason they don't have a picture of them online... Mine is darker with blues, blacks, and some yellow. I'll try to get a picture up later on. They are form the Pants Collection. They have a lot of different colors, I was tempted to get a burgundy pair but I decided to hold off on it for now. The best part: they are super affordable at $12.95!

So that is some of the things that I've recently purchased, I do have a few thrift items but I can't show you them until I get a camera. Hope you enjoyed this post!

Nope, I didn't disappear off the face of the earth!

I'm sorry I disappeared for many, many months. I've been really busy, even during the summer. And, I don't really have a camera any more, what's a blog without pictures? So I think I'm going to try doings outfits of the day as often as I can. I'll also do an occasional haul and a random post here and there. But I'm back for now! Sorry, this post won't have any pictures, but I'll try getting a camera and sd card soon!