Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Peacock Dress and Argyle Tights

Nice view of some school buses back there.

Peacock Dress: Hometown Heroes (Thrifted for $0.50)
Long Sleeve Shirt: Wet Seal ($10)
Argyle Tights: Kenneth Cole Reaction ($8)
Boots: Wet Seal ($10)
Belt: Guess (Thrifted for $1.25)
Sunglasses: Wet Seal ($1.50)

The dress has a peacock feathers print on it, not sure if you can see it in the picture. The dress is actually a shirt in a size large. I just belted it to give it some shape and, wa-la, it's a dress! So tip of the day is: If something is too big but you really like it, you always have the option of belting it!


Monday, January 30, 2012

Dolman Shirt and a Purple Scarf

Haven't had an outfit post in awhile!

Super nice day today!

Dolman Shirt: Splendid (Thrifted for $2.50)
Jeans: JcPenny (Thrifted for $1)
Scarf: No Brand (Gift)
Boots: Kmart ($12)
Sunglasses: Amazon ($3.75: Free after gift cards)

The dolman shirt is one of my favorite shirts! It's loose and comfortable. I promised the pictures would get better!


Saturday, January 28, 2012

I Went Thrifting!

I went thrifting at Village Discount Outlet and Family Thrift Store two days ago! Unfortunately, I forgot my camera and couldn't take pictures. I did take pictures of the items I bought afterwards though! Sorry about the pictures; I'm really bad at taking nice pictures of things on the floor.

I also went to a different thrift store a week before just to take a browse and I saw the silliest thing. There was a Forever 21 pleather jacket that I remembered seeing in stores before (almost bought the red one) and it was priced at $20! That's how much it cost at Forever 21! Right next to it was a Red Esprit jacket that still had the tags attached to it (retailed for $78) and it was priced at $10... Just goes to show you that thrift stores are unpredictable!

So lately I've been feeling that my wardrobe is a bit dull so I had a really strong urge to go thrifting.

Red/Pink Giraffe Sheer Blouse: $1.90

This is a pink/red sheer blouse. Normally I don't buy such bright colors but I loved the material because it's flowy and loose!

Structured Blouse: $1.41

The material is a bit stiff so it makes the blouse structured which I think is really cool. The collar is a reptile type of print which is once again, something that I don't normally buy (I own ZERO animal print items). 

Blue Kimono Dress: $1.91

This wasn't anything too special to me, I just really wanted to buy a dress or skirt (something that thrift stores do not have stocked at the moment) and this one was cute and priced right! 

Green Jacket: $1.90

This is has a little story. The thrift store I was at kept saying to take a look at their second floor and they had all these signs so I decided to take a look at their second floor. There was only one staircase that was noticeable but there were no signs that pointed to it saying, go to the second floor. I went up there anyways and it was so creepy! It was dead empty and the floors were super creaky. I wasn't even sure if  I was in the right place but, I decided to take a peek around. I walked around and then I saw this, it totally made the creepy trip up to the second floor worth it!


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bargains I'm Lovin'

Hey! I love to just browse different website and see all the pretty clothes, but without buying anything (most of the time). It's kind of like online window shopping! I decided to share with you some of my favorite items that are all at great prices! I will be providing links to the items in case you fall in love with anything, but make sure you act fast because pretty much everything is on clearance or sale so they may sell out.

First up is the sale going on at JcPenny's website. By the way, in case you didn't know, JcPenny has some news regarding their sales.

Price: $8.00

Such a cute backpack! I personally love these types of backpacks. I use my locker frequently so I don't need to carry too much and these types of backpacks do what I need them to, plus, I think they are cuter then the typical backpacks you see around.

Price: $8.00

I'm am really loving this style of shoe right now. I love how simple and sophisticated it is!

Next up is the Target sale!

Price: $14.98

These shoes would look great with skirts and add a feminine feel to any outfit! These shoes are also sold in store except they are black. In stores, the black shoes cost $9.98! But beware, the Target I went to only had smaller sizes left. The biggest size I saw was a size 7.

Price: $14.98

The bow is so adorable! These booties (or shooties as Target calls them) are so girly! It would look nice with skinny pants tucked into them.

Price: $6.30

This is the only item I actually own on this list. I have it in Ebony and I really like it. The dress is stretchy and loose so it's very comfortable and the skirt has a bit of a swish to it.


Wanted: Blue Jacket & Skinny Cargo Trousers

Wanted ALIVE!

H&M Jacket
Aliases: Blue Blazer
Crime: Being perfect for layering
Reward: $55

I'm a blazer lover but I only have darker/nuder colors. This blue is the perfect shade! Very simple yet sophisticated, tied together look.

Denim & Supply - Ralph Lauren Olive Skinny Cargo Trousers
Aliases: Skinny Cargo Pants
Crime: Being different from the typical jeans yet still stylish
Reward: $71

Skinny cargo trousers would be a great change from the typical jeans that I own! It would also be great with grunge-y, darker looks or countering the grunge with some girly lace.


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Busy, busy: Finals!

Hello everyone. I have finals this week (oh no) so I'm going to be a little busy for the next day... or two? My school only has two days of finals (three actually but it's two for me) and the first day was today. No fashion related post today but here is a little bit of photography eye candy!

The two photos above were taken by my dad.

Yup, scenery eye candy (hopefully it was eye candy).

Enjoy! Anyone else have tests?

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Gray on Black on Leather

Gray Top on Black Jeans on Leather Bracelets!

Gray Top: Old Navy ($8.47)
 Black Jeans: Forever 21 ($10)
Leather Bracelets: Handmade
Ring Necklace: Chinatown ($2)
Sunglasses: Wet Seal ($1.50)

Sorry the picture quality is horrid; after I cropped the pictures the quality went down. But on the bright side you can finally nearly see my entire outfit! In this outfit I have on a gray, dolman sleeve sweater. It's shorter in the front then in the back which I really like. I paired it with black skinny jeans to keep the outfit dark and then threw on two leather bracelets that I made!


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Little Bit of Lace

Today's outfit has some lace in it!

Lace Top: Wet Seal ($4)
Black Long Sleeve Shirt: Wet Seal ($10)
Jeans: JcPenny (Thrifted for $1)

This outfit has a pink lace top with a banded bottom and dolman sleeves. Since it's see through I wore a black long sleeve underneath and then paired it with some blue skinny jeans.

It seems I had some inspiration that was dying to get out because in an attempt to create a better backdrop, I made a fashion collage instead. Out of my clothing! It doesn't really work as my backdrop but at least it's interesting.


Friday, January 20, 2012

Target Haul & Snow...again

It started snowing again and it unfortunate timing because I was still in school when it started to snow. When I was going home it was still snowing so it took me double the time to get home.


You can see the snow in this picture. It was like the snow was pelting me!

Here is my mini little Target haul! At the moment Target is having a pretty good sale on their stuff (stuff being clothing and shoes, I haven't personally looked or noticed anything else) in stores and online. There are a lot of things on sale that is available only on the Target website and some things are only on sale in the stores. Everything I got was on clearance, although I would argue otherwise. Puh-lease Target, $25 is what I consider on sale, not clearance. Don't you just hate it when stores say clearance but they only marked things down a few dollars? A little pet peeve of mine right there.

Price: $24.48

First up are these beautiful booties! So glad I finally own these shoes. I did a post about these booties a few days ago. Unfortunately, I must wait until the snow melt, otherwise I'm afraid I may slip and fall. 

Price: $6.30

I originally wanted this dress in Cornelian Blue which is the color pictured above but they didn't have my size. So instead, I opted for the Ebony one which is basically black. It's a nice dress with a little swish to the skirt. And for $6.30? Now that's my kind of clearance.

Price: $6.00

I got this item in stores and it was on clearance but online it's still full price. The color I got was In The Navy and it's a great basic top for layering. The material is a bit stretchy which is nice.

Price: $7.00

A little miscellaneous item here. I'm sharing it with my family so it's not entirely mine. Our hair dryer is really, really old so we desperately needed a new one. Luckily, we spotted this one sitting on the clearance shelf. Total steal! Though it was on clearance in the store it is still full price online.