Monday, October 29, 2012

Trending Now: Oxblood

I'm sure many of you know that oxblood is a must have color this fall. I personally don't always follow trends but when I see one that I like I fall in love with it. Oxblood (or just burgundy/maroon, people just trying to be fancy) is one of my favorite trends. I love the color, it just screams fall to me! I've noticed recently that, although I love the color, I'm completely lacking it in my closet. Therefore, I've made a little wishlist of things that I will hopefully be finding soon!

Oxblood Beanie - Beanies are also really big for fall and although I'm not a hat person I think that beanies add a nice touch to many outfits.

Oxblood Pants - You have no idea how long I'm been wanting some burgundy pants; it's probably been around a year. Burgundy pants would made so many things and it's a simple piece that I could just throw on but still look put together.

Chunky Knit Oxblood Sweater - Knit sweaters are perfect for the fall! I love how simple and comfy they are paired with some jeans and boots.

Do you have any fall wishlist items?

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