Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bargains I'm Lovin'

Hey! I love to just browse different website and see all the pretty clothes, but without buying anything (most of the time). It's kind of like online window shopping! I decided to share with you some of my favorite items that are all at great prices! I will be providing links to the items in case you fall in love with anything, but make sure you act fast because pretty much everything is on clearance or sale so they may sell out.

First up is the sale going on at JcPenny's website. By the way, in case you didn't know, JcPenny has some news regarding their sales.

Price: $8.00

Such a cute backpack! I personally love these types of backpacks. I use my locker frequently so I don't need to carry too much and these types of backpacks do what I need them to, plus, I think they are cuter then the typical backpacks you see around.

Price: $8.00

I'm am really loving this style of shoe right now. I love how simple and sophisticated it is!

Next up is the Target sale!

Price: $14.98

These shoes would look great with skirts and add a feminine feel to any outfit! These shoes are also sold in store except they are black. In stores, the black shoes cost $9.98! But beware, the Target I went to only had smaller sizes left. The biggest size I saw was a size 7.

Price: $14.98

The bow is so adorable! These booties (or shooties as Target calls them) are so girly! It would look nice with skinny pants tucked into them.

Price: $6.30

This is the only item I actually own on this list. I have it in Ebony and I really like it. The dress is stretchy and loose so it's very comfortable and the skirt has a bit of a swish to it.


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