Saturday, January 28, 2012

I Went Thrifting!

I went thrifting at Village Discount Outlet and Family Thrift Store two days ago! Unfortunately, I forgot my camera and couldn't take pictures. I did take pictures of the items I bought afterwards though! Sorry about the pictures; I'm really bad at taking nice pictures of things on the floor.

I also went to a different thrift store a week before just to take a browse and I saw the silliest thing. There was a Forever 21 pleather jacket that I remembered seeing in stores before (almost bought the red one) and it was priced at $20! That's how much it cost at Forever 21! Right next to it was a Red Esprit jacket that still had the tags attached to it (retailed for $78) and it was priced at $10... Just goes to show you that thrift stores are unpredictable!

So lately I've been feeling that my wardrobe is a bit dull so I had a really strong urge to go thrifting.

Red/Pink Giraffe Sheer Blouse: $1.90

This is a pink/red sheer blouse. Normally I don't buy such bright colors but I loved the material because it's flowy and loose!

Structured Blouse: $1.41

The material is a bit stiff so it makes the blouse structured which I think is really cool. The collar is a reptile type of print which is once again, something that I don't normally buy (I own ZERO animal print items). 

Blue Kimono Dress: $1.91

This wasn't anything too special to me, I just really wanted to buy a dress or skirt (something that thrift stores do not have stocked at the moment) and this one was cute and priced right! 

Green Jacket: $1.90

This is has a little story. The thrift store I was at kept saying to take a look at their second floor and they had all these signs so I decided to take a look at their second floor. There was only one staircase that was noticeable but there were no signs that pointed to it saying, go to the second floor. I went up there anyways and it was so creepy! It was dead empty and the floors were super creaky. I wasn't even sure if  I was in the right place but, I decided to take a peek around. I walked around and then I saw this, it totally made the creepy trip up to the second floor worth it!


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