Monday, January 16, 2012

A Piece of My Closet: Drapey Hollister Sweater

Hey! Today I'm introducing a new series called, A Piece of my Closet! Basically, every once in a while I will do a post about one piece (or multiple pieces) of clothing that I own. Let's get started!

Today's piece: Drapey Hollister Sweater ($10)

When I first got this sweater I wasn't really thinking and just bought it. Seems I got caught up in the sale! I tried it on when I got home and was devastated that it looked like a total bag on me. But I was determined to make it work! After thinking a bit I stuck a belt on it and, ta-da!

I love this style so much more! Whenever I'm looking to add a little more shape to baggier clothing I wear a belt. A belt can drastically change the appearance of some clothing pieces. I like keep a basic black, skinny belt around since it goes with anything.

And now to end this post on a random note, here is a little greenery for your viewing pleasure! I took these pictures last summer; we certainly don't have greenery during the current season here!




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