Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Scarf Obsessed

Yes, yes, this is another post that has a scarf in it. What can I say, I'm obsessed.

Jacket: H&M (Thrifted for $2.50)
Red 3/4 Henley: Forever 21 (Thrifted for $2)
Jeans: YMI Jeans ($20: Free after gift cards)
Scarf: Handmade

Everything is very basic so that the scarf is the center piece of this outfit. I have on a military type jacket to give the outfit a grunge-y feel and it's layered on top of a basic top. I made the scarf and I will probably do a quickie style tip post  in case anyone wants to try and make a scarf too. Overall, the outfit is basic to showcase the scarf's print!

Here is a little blue photography for you to enjoy!

The pictures above were taken two summers ago at a beach! I can almost feel the sun...almost.

Solider Field Stadium. Look how empty it is!

Recently the snow has been melting because the sun came out to play!

Enjoy! Hope you don't feel blue!