Friday, January 20, 2012

Target Haul & Snow...again

It started snowing again and it unfortunate timing because I was still in school when it started to snow. When I was going home it was still snowing so it took me double the time to get home.


You can see the snow in this picture. It was like the snow was pelting me!

Here is my mini little Target haul! At the moment Target is having a pretty good sale on their stuff (stuff being clothing and shoes, I haven't personally looked or noticed anything else) in stores and online. There are a lot of things on sale that is available only on the Target website and some things are only on sale in the stores. Everything I got was on clearance, although I would argue otherwise. Puh-lease Target, $25 is what I consider on sale, not clearance. Don't you just hate it when stores say clearance but they only marked things down a few dollars? A little pet peeve of mine right there.

Price: $24.48

First up are these beautiful booties! So glad I finally own these shoes. I did a post about these booties a few days ago. Unfortunately, I must wait until the snow melt, otherwise I'm afraid I may slip and fall. 

Price: $6.30

I originally wanted this dress in Cornelian Blue which is the color pictured above but they didn't have my size. So instead, I opted for the Ebony one which is basically black. It's a nice dress with a little swish to the skirt. And for $6.30? Now that's my kind of clearance.

Price: $6.00

I got this item in stores and it was on clearance but online it's still full price. The color I got was In The Navy and it's a great basic top for layering. The material is a bit stretchy which is nice.

Price: $7.00

A little miscellaneous item here. I'm sharing it with my family so it's not entirely mine. Our hair dryer is really, really old so we desperately needed a new one. Luckily, we spotted this one sitting on the clearance shelf. Total steal! Though it was on clearance in the store it is still full price online.