Friday, January 13, 2012

Over-sized Sweater

Hello everyone!
First post to start off your hopefully great weekend! Today we got some free food in business class today and who doesn't love food? Jimmy BBQ Chips and a Jimmy John's mini slim ham and cheese sandwich, yummy!

Food is delicious, free food is even tastier! :)

This is what I wore today; I wore it with a scarf! I love scarves; I have a collection of them.

Large short sleeve sweater: Forever 21 (Thrifted for $1)
Black long sleeve sweater: Wet Seal ($10)
Scarf: Unbranded (Gift)
Black Belt: Guess (Thrifted for $1.25)
Jeans: YMI Jeans ($20: Free after gift cards)

There are multiple ways to wear one piece of clothing! I'm wearing a basic black long sleeve under my large sweater to keep warm. I like to wear fitted clothing underneath my over-sized clothing because it ties it together better and doesn't just look like a bag. In the first picture I added a scarf. In the second picture I didn't add anything to the sweater. In the third picture I added a black belt. Here's a tip, for clothing that looks loose and baggy and you're going for clothes that show your shape than adding a belt is a great way to transform your clothing. You could add a basic or interesting belt to your shirt, sweater, or even dress!

Here is the close-up of the pattern.

Woah, shoes! I don't include shoes in my outfits of the days for two reasons. One reason is that since I take all pictures by myself it's difficult to fit my entire self from head to toe in a picture. The second reason is that I have a small amount of shoes and I tend to wear the boots above most often so you would see the same shoes over and over; wouldn't want to bore you. But I wanted to show a pair of shoes every once in a while so I picked these!

Enjoy! Any weekend plans? :)

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